Events at the Gardner Museum

Throughout the year the Gardner Museum hosts various events from guest speakers to experts on local history. It is our goal to make sure that our events are accessible, substantive, and rich in content. We hope you'll enjoy what programming the museum has to offer. 

View our schedule of events on the Museum Calendar page. 

For more information on upcoming events, please feel free to contact the Museum Coordinator.

All events run from 7-8 pm unless otherwise noted. All museum-hosted receptions run from 6:30-7:00 pm. 

Please be sure to reserve your seat for every event!

Gardner Educational Television (GETV)

If you miss an event, all of our evening programs can be viewed on Channel 8; check the Gardner Educational Television (GETV) Channel 8 schedule of programs at

Check out our Facebook page for pictures from the presentation. 

Save the Date

Annual Meeting  TBA 2024 at 7 pm - It offers everybody a chance to come together to debate today’s most relevant topics and elect new board members. 

No Reservation Needed - for museum members only.