Museum Membership

Enjoy full member benefits when you support the museum through membership.

Benefits include admission to the museum during hours of operation and attendance at programs and lectures with no cost or at a reduced rate.

Facility rentals are available to all members, with a 25% discount to Contributors and a 50% discount to Benefactors.

Those 18 years of age or older become members of the corporation and are entitled to one vote at the Annual Meeting.

Members are eligible for election to office or Board of Trustees.

All membership categories except Student and Individual provide full membership to two adults and their children to age 18.

Annual Membership Jan 1 - Dec 31

  • Student $1.00

  • Individual $20.00

  • Family $30.00

  • Friend $40.00

  • Sponsor $50.00

  • Advocate $75.00

  • Patron $100.00

  • Corporate $200.00

  • Supporter $250.00

  • Supporter $250.00

  • Contributor $500.00 2 installments

  • Benefactor $1000.00+ 4 installments

  • Club 21 $250.00 Yearly for 10 years (non-binding)

A membership form is available for printing below.

Please enclose your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE Annual Membership to support the Gardner Museum, Inc.

Send the form and payment to:

The Gardner Museum, Inc.

28 Pearl Street

Gardner, MA 01440

Thank you for your support.

Museum Membership Form